E.M. Char

Emily Charlaff is a freelance photographer and video editor based in Brooklyn, NY.  Her creative roots stem from a passion for art, politics, and the exploration of urban New York. She’s worked on everything from major marketing campaigns and fashion shows, to documentaries and political rallies.

Her work has been featured in permanent historical installations, museum exhibitions, and gallery shows. Her skills and ambition make her adaptable to any situation, allowing her to take on any role for any type of project. Besides working experience in the field of video and photography, she also has a Bachelors in Communication Art. 

Her services include, but are not limited to; Portraiture, event photography/videography, video editing, photoshopping, content curation, photo assisting, lighting design, and set design. To inquire further about services and see more examples, please email in the contact section.

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