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E.M. Char

Emily Charlaff is a creative producer as well as a photographer/director based in NYC.

She has developed relationships with a wide variety of studios, model agencies, stylists, makeup artists, and production assistants on every level.


Some key skills she utilizes to support all phases of production;

from brainstorm to pre-pro to execution and post include:


* Create, dissect and review client briefs for feasibility and scope 

* Develop bids, production plans, contracts, and SOWs 

* Manage the bidding process, budget, and creative decks

* Manage multiple projects at one time and communicate details proactively 

* Manage production timelines and work back schedules

for on-time delivery of all projects 

* Facilitate all communication, meetings, and status updates to ensure all stakeholders have key information

before they ask for it 

* Host client and new business calls

to ensure efficient use of time and achieving goals 

* Manage internal teams and manage crew, equipment contractors, and vendors; including crew sourcing and on-boarding, and payroll management

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